Madcore lives across 5 Github repositories: All are being actively developed across many branches. development branch is always kept stable and merged into master when features align at which point a Python PIP package is created. This page will explain on how to perform a development installation so you have control over branch and commit id’s used to pin your installation into a known working state.

Bitbucket Account

Bitbucket account must be a member of at least one Bitbucket team. Team name will be used as unique name to create your subdomain https://<bitbucket-team-name> This domain will be delegated to your account as part of installation. This is required as Madcore will setup all endpoint on HTTPS/SSL protected endpoints.

AWS Account

AWS account with access to creating IAM identities and roles. Your instances will assume roles and be granted permissions to access your S3 buckets where state is persisted between cluster destructions. Not Madcore and Not any other 3rd party has access to your environment.

Madcore CLI

CLI must be installed to start the installation. Initial configuration verifies few details and then unattended installation takes about 30 minutes to complete the process. At that point you will have your master instance (with firewall open only to your ip address). Accessible over HTTPS/SSL. You can then securely connect from directly to Jenkins, Grafana and Kubernetes dashboards.

pip install madcore